About Aroma Medica

Aroma MedicaTM grew out of Dr. Geraldine DePaula's love of aromatherapy, essential oils and their powerful healing properties. Pure and true essential oils come from botanical sources (plants, bushes, trees) and from various parts of these sources (leaves, flowers, roots, fruits, rinds of fruits, sap, needles, etc.). These essential oils are are extracted essences that the plant makes and uses to attract pollinators, protect itself from insect or animal predators, protect itself from infection (bacterial, viral and/or fungal), heal itself from trauma and regulate its plant hormone system: timing of growth, flowering, fertilization and seed/fruit production.

For thousands of years people have used botanical essences to stay healthy or, if ill, to heal. Awareness of their aromas, breathed through the nose, goes directly from the olfactory nerve to the hypothalamus, pituitary, thalamus and limbic system. These are major control centers in the brain; influences here affect all parts of the body. In addition, constituents of these volatile essences are absorbed through the skin, creating a direct local effect in many situations.

Every essential oil is a combination of individual molecules unique to that source. Several essential oils can be blended together to act synergistically, that is, more powerfully than simple addition of the individual effects.

Geraldine DePaula, M.D., the founder of Aroma MedicaTM , uses her medical knowledge and experience in blending essential oils in appropriate bases. She does this to provide you with the safest, gentlest, effective healing combinations available from Nature for your well-being and well-feeling.

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