Menstrual Cramps Cream 30 ml.

Several years ago Aroma Medica® developed a cream for cramps. It was very effective. The women and girls who tried it could not believe how effective it was. But getting them to try it was the challenge. Who would believe that a small amount of cream rubbed under the nose would actually stop their mild to moderate menstrual cramps. "You mean, I rub this under my nose and the cramps in my belly stop???" Convincing them to try the cream was the challenging part. Once they tried it, the cream itself showed them it worked.

Now, several years later, the field of aromatherapy is better known and some people have heard of the healing benefits of essential oils (EOs). Maybe now women are ready to try this cream. It works through the olfactory nerves, via the olfactory bulb, having nearly direct connections to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is a major control center in the brain, sending out releasing hormones and direct hormones to all parts of the body. To understand all this and the incredible power of EOs makes it possible for people to understand that a cream like this, with five amazing EOs, can, indeed, ease mild to moderate menstrual cramps. Rub a small amount under the nose; normal menstrual cramps are eased in 15-30 minutes. May reapply if needed.

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